Pikuki An Instagram Editor & Viewer Website

Pikuki An Instagram Editor & Viewer Website

Pikuki An Instagram Editor & Viewer Website: Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. A huge number of people use it on a daily basis to share their thoughts, interests, and images with friends, family members and followers, who are sometimes even strangers.

On this platform users frequently want to show the world they’ve achieved a milestone in life simply by posting those milestones on their Instagram accounts. With such high visibility many companies and individuals need to protect their reputation and image by making sure there isn’t slander or libel on their page which could be detrimental.

What is Pikuki?

Pikuki is a website which allows you to use the features of Instagram while staying hidden. This website is famous for people stalking someone on Instagram. Pikuki Instagram work just like Instagram, you can browse your profile, edit, post photos, browse your friend’s profile and many more features of Instagram.

This website is fairly new and was registered on 21st November 2021. This site has recently become famous among the users of Instagram. This site has made it really easy to edit, post, browse different profiles and you can also use the features of tag and location.

Users of Pikuki .com can also search for certain tags such as #happy, #jewellery, #nature and will be able to browse posts under that particular tag.

Its server hosted by AS14061 DigitalOcean, LLC, on Clifton, New Jersey in the US. Although created in the United States , this blogging platform is gaining popularity around the world especially in France.

How to Use Pikuki?

To use Pikuki,  you can either use your mobile phone or computer. First, open the browser of your mobile phone or computer and go to the On this screen, enter the code at the bottom of your browser that shows up as purple dots and click enter to gain access to Pikuki. From here, you can navigate through the browsing site by providing the Instagram username and password in order to locate your profile page.

Follow these steps as a guide to browse Instagram safely without getting noticed of your views:

Open the web browser on your mobile and enter ‘pikuki.com’ in the search bar. Enter the username and password of a Twitter profile you wish to view into the Username and Password fields respectively.

Once you have done this, confirm your entry credentials and click log in to begin exploring the profile you are viewing. You will be able to get access to all kinds of information, such as status updates and images uploaded by your friends.

Is Pikuki a Scam or Not?

Many people have opinions about this website. Some people think it’s a legitimate website to help you manage your Instagram account and that others think it is a scam because they don’t see anything special about the site.

If you’ve used this website before, or if put your trust into how the site has been around for some time, then we want to hear from you! We’re interested in hearing both sides of the story – what are other businesses using this tool for?

What is Pikuki website?

Pikuki is a website that allows users to simply view, comment on and browse through user generated images, videos, and posts on Instagram. Users can also remain hidden when browsing other people’s profile information such as their friends’ profiles, stories and locations.

This service is free of charge with pikuki keeping all the revenue generated by advertisers. They have been in business since late 2012 without any known issues or major security breaches.

Does Instagram Private Profile viewer really work?

There are several apps that allow users to remain hidden and spy on someone else’s Instagram feed in addition to viewing private accounts through an incognito mode. Pikuki is also one of them.

Can you block someone on Pikuki?

Blocking people on Pikuki is very easy to do. All you have to do is go to the profile of the person you want to block, tap on the three dots (top right side of the screen) and hit ‘Block.’

You can unblock a blocked person at any time by going back into their profile and finding the ‘Block’ button that’s located in the same corner.


Pikuki has received mixed reviews on the internet, with some people claiming it to be working wonders by keeping their activity on Instagram hidden and some talk about this site negatively by calling it a scam and illegal.

This site is legal to use anonymously, but we cannot guarantee your account will be safe if you use the service in that way. Some features they offer are kept under the radar of scrutiny by labeling them as a scam.

The reason for this is because those features are still new and not completely developed yet, something different can happen at any time which is why we do not recommend using Pikuki for anything other than basic viewer engagement statistics and help with color co-ordination. Pikuki has offered key features related to Instagram and plans keep doing so.

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