Banana Facts Infographics

If bananas are too inexperienced to eat, you can place them interior a paper bag in conjunction with an apple or tomato.

This will cause the bananas ripening procedure to hurry up overnight. These fruits are well advocated due to the fact they launch extra ethylene than others.

The fastest marathon dressed as a banana fruit 

This become performed with the aid of Andrew Lawrence who is additionally referred to as Banana guy by spectators. Lawrence finished this marathon on the Virgin Money London Marathon on the 24th of April in 2016. His file is now posted within the Guinness e book of world facts.

Banana fruits are evidently radioactive.

This phenomenon is because of the end result containing potassium and potassium decays. Potassium is a essential substance in an effort to reap wholesome operations within the human frame. You are most effective able to die of radiation poisoning if you were capable of devour a total of 10 million bananas right now.

The maximum range of bananas peeled and eaten 

The Guinness Book of World Records published Patrick Bertoletti as the person who may want to consume the maximum variety of bananas in a single minute. This changed into achieved on the 14th of January in 2012 at Sierra Studios, Illinois, USA.

Alexander the Great determined a banana crop

Alexander the Great first found the flavor of bananas in the course of 327 BC in line with records texts from Buddhist in six hundred BC. Islamic conquerors brought the banana returned to Palestine in 650 and Arab merchants subsequently unfold them a great deal around Africa.

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The first bananas had been believed to have grown in unique regions of Asia inclusive of the Philippines and Indonesia.
The origin of the fruit is complex.

It is generally agreed on through archaeological proof that the cultivation of bananas dates lower back as far as 8000 BC. Other domestication projects of the fruit were located in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. This become believed to have occurred sometime from 8000 to 5000 BC.

A banana plant stops generating new leaves 

This takes place whilst a stem develops and grows within the pseudostem. This incorporates the immature inflorescence until it in the end emerges at the pinnacle of the plant. Each pseudostem usually produces a unmarried inflorescence. This is referred to as the banana coronary heart.






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